Lukas Hollenstein


Hi, I’m a lecturer in mathematics at the ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences and I work on research and development projects in simulation and optimization at the IAS Institute of Applied Simulation.

Before moving into applied science I’ve been doing basic research in cosmology, working on dark energy and cosmic magnetic fields. From 2009 to 2012 I was a postdoc in the Geneva Cosmology & Astroparticle Physics Group, part of the Department of Theoretical Physics of the University of Geneva. Then I spent a year at the Institut de Physique Théorique of CEA-Saclay near Paris.

I received my PhD from the ICG Portsmouth where Rob Crittenden was my advisor. Before that, I did my MSc in physics at the ITP Zurich. You can download my CV (that is not up to date, sorry).

It’s not rocket science.


Zurich University of Applied Sciences

Life Sciences and Facility Management

Institute of Applied Simulation

Grüental, PO box

8820 Wädenswil, Switzerland

Email: lukas.hollenstein (at)
Phone: +41 58 934 54 02
Office: RC O1.30

Web: IAS, my profile

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